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The new Ford infotainment system

Ford has long been committed to a user-friendly multi-function infotainment system. The latest version of this system, found in the newest vehicles, is called SYNC4 and offers even more features. All in an environment that's easier to use than ever.

Vehicles equipped with SYNC4
(available on selected trims)

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Connected navigation

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Wireless Phone Connection

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Hand-free voice control

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Cloud Update

Hands-free access to information

SYNC has long been known to be one of the simplest automotive systems ever used. Yet it's packed with features like navigation, voice control, wireless phone connectivity, digital radio and a range of apps for media, weather forecasts and more.


Amazon In-Car, Waze and Alexa

There are also additional services like Amazon In-Car delivery, which allows you to drop packages in the trunk of your parked vehicle, Waze navigation and Alexa voice control. Finally, FordPass is the automaker's smartphone app for remotely controlling certain vehicle functions.


Why SYNC4?

Sync 4 is Ford's latest infotainment system. There are two versions: Sync 4 will work on cars with full-size touchscreens, while Sync 4A is the system installed in the upcoming Mustang Mach-E, with its large touchscreen placed in portrait mode.

It's a heavily modified version of Sync, but it stays true to the original philosophy of being simple and easy to read at a glance. The screen on the Mach-E (or the F-150, for example) is also topped with a physical dial that allows you to change the volume quickly and without looking.


One of the key features of Sync 4 is over-the-air software updates. While Sync 3 requires a Wi-Fi connection or USB stick to update, Sync 4 uses the car's own Internet connection. Ford said earlier this year that with the Mach-E, software updates will take only a few minutes, compared with more than 20 minutes for some rivals.


SYNC4 systems are expected to gradually appear on more Ford vehicles in the coming months and years, including those with smaller screens than the Mach-E Mustang.

FordPass Connect, Apple Car Play and Android Auto

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